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Be a Gold Award Girl Scout


We held our 2021 Gold Award Ceremony on Facebook Live!
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A Gold Award Girl Scout is a dreamer and doer who takes “make the world a better place” to the next level. She’s driven, passionate, and optimistic. She’s the leader of tomorrow today. Essentially? She’s you!

How Can You Become a Gold Award Girl Scout?

To earn this unique award, Seniors and Ambassadors tackle issues dear to them and drive lasting change in their communities and beyond.

First, complete the Girl Scout Gold Award pre-requisites by earning the Girl Scout Silver Award and one Senior/Ambassador Girl Scout Journey OR by earning two Senior/Ambassador Girl Scout Journey Awards.

Then start thinking about how you would like to lead a team in making the world a better place. If you have questions along the way, contact GSCCC's Gold Award Committee at

Get Started

Be sure to read everything in the resource section including watching the videos. You will also find a link to the Go Gold App. You will need to create a Go Gold account in the Go Gold App. Once you do, you'll be able to access the proposal with all the links so you can view in total. Within this app, there is a section for council-specific documents. This is where you will add your letters and complete and attach your money-earning form (if you need to earn money to fund your project).

You can find additional resources and videos of Gold Award projects on Girl Scouts of the USA website and on this page. 

Tip: Put an "x" in each question so you can move through the proposal. You can then go back and fill in each answer before you hit submit. Please note that there will be a box that pops up in each question with numbers. These numbers are the minimum and maximum number of words you should have in your answer for each question. 

Things to Consider When Planning

Projects must meet the national standards and include two of the following three components: education, advocacy, and build - an active leadership component. All projects must have a community partner who will work with you and agree to sustain your project upon completion. You will also need letters from any locations involved giving you permission to hold/do/accept your Gold Award project at their location.

Please do 10 to 15 hours of research on the topic and its root cause, the issue you have identified and your solution. These hours are pre-work and do not count toward your project hours.

Gold Award project hours are a minimum of 80 hours with most projects coming in over 100 hours. You will need a project adviser who is an expert in the topic of the issue you are solving. Your project adviser may not be your troop leader or a family member. You will also need a team of at least five people, with only one being a family member who are passionate about your topic and will work side by side with you on the project.

Submitting Your Proposal

Once you complete the proposal in Go Gold App, you'll send the project proposal to your adviser and troop leader for their electronic signature. Please let them know to watch for that email coming to them.

Once they receive it via email, they will click the link to acknowledge that they have read your proposal, you will then receive a confirmation email. At that time, you need to go back into the Go Gold App and hit the submit button again. Once you do that, the proposal will be sent to the GSCCC Gold Award Committee.  Please check the dates listed on this page for interview dates and due dates for proposals.

Review Process

When the committee has received your proposal via the Go Gold App and its attachments, they will review your proposal and let you know if you have been granted an interview or if your project needs further development. If the project needs further development, you will be assigned a mentor from the committee to work with you through the proposal phase of the project.

Do not begin working on your project until you have been interviewed by the committee and they have approved you to start your project. (If you feel you would like to speak to the committee, they hold mini mentoring sessions once a month. Mini mentoring sessions are by appointment only and you can email them at

Finishing Strong

All final paperwork and any supporting documentation must be completed and submitted by September 30th following your 12th grade year. When you begin to complete your Girl Scout Gold Award final report using the Go Gold App, refer back to your Girl Scout Gold Award proposal and any amendments (this includes emails) that were made prior to your project approval date, as well as any changes that the committee approved.

Please enter your final report using the Go Gold App using the account you set up. Provide as many details as possible and be sure to attach ALL supporting documents. 

  1. Website URL, Facebook links, YouTube Links etc. (if you created any)
  2. Copy of video(s) (if you created any)
  3. Copy of handouts, flyers, brochures, promotional materials, how to manual
  4. Copy of lesson plans or curriculum (if you created any)
  5. Copies of photos showing all aspects of your project as it progressed. Submit the photos in the attachment section of the Go Gold App. Label all photos to tell the journey of your Gold Award project.
  6. Include any articles in bulletins or newspapers
  7. A copy of your letter of proof of sustainability of your project from your community partner

In addition to the above list, you will need to submit to the Gold Award Committee a one-minute video of yourself, wearing a plain white shirt with your Girl Scout vest or sash telling the committee about your project. State your name, the area of the Council you are from, the title of your project, the impact you made, and how you made it. This will be shown at the annual Gold Award celebration and it is requited as part of your final report.

Once you have submitted your final report to the Council Gold Award Committee using the Go Gold App, you will receive an email from the committee to schedule your virtual final review. Be prepared to share with the committee your full experience, the highs and lows of your project. Final review dates are listed under the Gold Award Interview and Final Project Review Dates dropdown on this page and are by appointment only.

You may email the GSCCC Gold Award Committee at

Gold Award Resources
Gold Award Interview and Final Project Meeting Dates
2022-23 Girl Scout Gold Award Proposal Deadlines and Interview Dates

All interviews are conducted virtually. Applicants will be contacted via email prior to the interview date.

Mini Mentoring Sessions, Interview, and Final Review Dates

Deadline to Submit Proposals and Final Projects

Wed., June 1, 2022

Fri., May 20, 2022

Thu., July 7, 2022

Thu., June 23, 2022

Thu., Aug. 4, 2022

Fri., July 22, 2022

Thu., Sep. 1, 2022

Thu., Aug. 11, 2022

Wed., Oct. 5, 2022

Wed., Sep. 14, 2022

Thu., Nov. 3, 2022

Thu., Oct. 13, 2022

Wed., Dec. 7, 2022

Wed., Nov. 16, 2022

Thu., Jan. 5, 2023

Thu., Dec. 15, 2022

Wed., Feb. 1, 2023

Wed., Jan. 11, 2023

Thu., March 2, 2023

Thu., Feb. 9, 2023

Wed., April 5, 2023

Wed., March 15, 2023

Thu., May 4, 2023

Thu., April 13, 2023

Wed., June 7, 2023

Thu., May 18, 2023

Thu., July 6, 2023

Wed., June 14, 2023

Wed., Aug. 2, 2023

Wed., July 12, 2023

Some of our Council's very own Gold Award Girl Scouts!
Francesca Verdura
Rebecca Rose
Abby Blount
Exclusive Gold Award Girl Scout Scholarships

Gold Award Girl Scouts who are interested in pursuing a STEM or cybersecurity degree can apply for the eGirl Power Gold Award Scholarship of up to $1,000 towards their education.

The Maylea Brockington Beasley Love & Laughter Scholarship is available to one graduating senior who is a member of a recognized Girl Scout troop of the Girl Scouts of Colonial Coast and has been the recipient of the Girl Scout Gold Award by their senior year of high school. Recipient must attend an accredited college or university. Learn more about this and other local scholarships.


Gold Award Girl Scouts: Issues of the world, meet your match.
Going Gold Pays Off

A Gold Award Girl Scout’s achievements prime her for the fast track when it comes to college admissions, and make her an outstanding candidate for academic scholarships and other financial awards. 

By Any Other Name

Are you a Girl Scout Alum who earned the highest award in Girl Scouting when it went by another name? 

If you earned the First Class, the Curved Bar, or the Golden Eaglet, we want to welcome you into the Gold Award Girl Scout family. See Girl Scouts USA's page to see how to receive your recognition. 


Share Your Story

Have you already earned your Gold Award? Let us know so we can share your story with the rest of the Council!


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