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Families love Girl Scouts 

Her Girl Scout Leadership Experience begins with you! Be a part of every inspiring moment as she unleashes her G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, Leader)™ potential to accomplish amazing things. At Girl Scouts, she’ll try new things, face challenges head-on and find creative solutions to the problems she sees—all while building the skills she needs to shine today and tomorrow. 

You are an important part of her Girl Scout experience. You are her support system, cheerleader, chauffer, helper and most importantly—her caregiver. 

We want to provide your daughter with the tools she needs to embark on a lifetime of leadership, adventure and success. One action, one project and one Girl Scout Leadership Journey at a time, she’ll change the world and make it a better place for herself and others; and with your help, she will be unstoppable!

Girl Scouts offers every girl the opportunity to do more and be more. Greatness is already in her DNA; we just help her set it free.

Want to be more involved in her Girl Scout experience? 

Join us for Healthy Habits Family Day!

This Saturday of fun is open to all Girl Scout levels and their families! We will be having a blast and learning about the science of happiness at Oscar Smith High School on Sept. 28th from 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. There will be fun for all ages and Girl Scouts will have the chance to earn five patches in one day! 

Register for Healthy Habits Family Day here!

Hear how the Girl Scout Leadership Experience helped this home schooled Girl Scout build courage, confidence and character!

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