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For Educators - Supporting Education at Girl Scouts

More Learning, More Outcomes

Girl Scouts complements the indispensable work you do as an educator every day. We invite you to work with Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast to bring the power of Girl Scouting to your school by offering space, allowing us to distribute information to girls and parents, facilitating Girl Scouts representation at school functions, or encouraging parents to volunteer with us. There are so many ways to be part of the impact!

The unique benefits for girls, and the seamless way in which our program and yours work together to maximize outcomes are just two of the many reasons to get involved.

Educator's Guide

Hear what educators are saying about Girl Scouts—learn how Brownies are already changing the world and get to know some of Girl Scouts’ most necessary and passionate assets: our inspiring volunteers!

Learn how we’re shaping confident, successful young women through initiatives related to STEM, bullying prevention, and environmental stewardship.

Interested in volunteering?

Interested in volunteering? Who better than you to guide, mentor, and cheer her on as she unlocks her potential to accomplish amazing things? As an educator, you already know what she needs to shine and thrive in every aspect of her life. Your knowledge, experience, patience, and passion for learning will change her life—and she’ll change yours. Think of Girl Scouts as a unique new way to build meaningful relationships with students and parents!

There are several different ways to get involved. You could:

  • Become a troop leader.
  • Help out at a one-day community event.
  • Speak to a troop about your area of expertise.

And so much more! Get started today.

National research from the Girl Scout Research Institute.

A leader in analyzing girls’ issues and the benefits of Girl Scouting, the Girl Scout Research is on the forefront of data about girls’ well-being:

Troop Leader Fuses Girl Scouts and Education to Change Lives

Being a troop leader and educator takes this G.I.R.L.'s impact to new heights.

Martha Gach Talks Leadership, Education and Girl Scouting

Troop leader, mom, and true STEM rock star Martha Gach from Girl Scouts of Central and Western Massachusetts has been unleashing her G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, Leader)™ potential left and right for decades, all while helping girls discover their own G.I.R.L. spirit to make amazing things happen.