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Become a Girl Scout Daisy

If your girl is going into kindergarten or first grade, Daisies is for her! Become a Girl Scout Daisy for fun, friendship, and her big future.

If your girl is going into kindergarten or first grade, Daisies is for her!

Think of the Girl Scouts Daisy program as your one-stop shop when it comes to building your kindergartener’s or first grader’s social skills, keeping her moving, and giving her an extra bit of stability in this ever-changing world. Every Daisy meeting is an adventure filled with sisterhood, giggles, learning, and fun. Whether she’s dreaming up a new toy, learning about bravery, or helping plant a garden, you can count on Girl Scouts to meet the moment, providing safe and fun activities while making your life a whole lot simpler.

What Do Daisies Do?
  • Grow social skills through virtual or in-personal meetings with other girls their age.
  • Find new ways to practice kindness, bravery, and generosity.
  • Earn special badges and pins to wear as a reminder of the new skills they’re learning.
  • Gain confidence and pride in their abilities.
  • Explore the outdoors and spend time in nature.
  • Try out tech and learn cyber basics that help keep them safe online.
  • Discover how to help their community and make the world a better place.
  • Join a circle of friendship and fun like no other!

Download this Family Activity Book and do what Daisies do—have fun!

Girl Scouts FAQ

Any girl K-12 can join Girl Scouts. Girls in Pre-K can join Girl Scouts starting April 1st of each year. Our Daisy Launch program allows rising kindergarteners or first graders to start their Girl Scout journey before the next membership year begins in the fall season. That means she can start earning badges, participating in events, and more. Our registration process only takes a few minutes and costs $35 during our extended membership period (April 1 - July 31). Once that's complete, your girl is officially a Daisy Girl Scout!

What is a Troop?

Groups of Girl Scouts, called troops, are at the very center of Girl Scouting. And finding your troop is a big deal. Why? Because these Girl Scouts and their families are going to become a circle of friendship like you’ve never had before. Your troop will support you no matter what—for everything you are today and all you can be tomorrow. Given the high demand for troops, girls are placed as space in existing troops becomes available or new troops are formed. Fortunately, your girl doesn't have to wait to join a troop to engage in Girl Scout activities!

Many individually registered members—AKA "Juliettes"—and their families enjoy the benefit of flexibility outside of the troop experience. Learn more about participating as an individually registered member.

How can I start a Girl Scout Daisy Troop?

With you as their troop leader, girls will learn to be true to themselves, make strides towards their dreams, and share in fun-filled activities they’ll remember for a lifetime. To get started, contact Customer Care to let them know you're interested in being a Daisy troop leader. They'll walk you through the registration process (if you're not already a member) and get you set up with training if you're approved. Girl Scout leaders are supported every step of the way.

Girl Sprouts Newsletter

This newsletter is delivered via email and is designed to introduce girls to the fun and values they will find in Girl Scouts when they join as Girl Scout Daisies. You can browse the archive below or sign up to receive it here!

Ready to Launch?

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