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Girl Scouts Celebrate Faith

Girl Scouts and Faith

Celebrating Spirituality and Faith
Everything in Girl Scouting is based on the Girl Scout Promise and Law, which include many principles and values that are common across religions. Because we understand that religious instruction is at the center of many families and communities, we invite Girl Scouts to take spiritual journeys via their faith’s religious recognitions. Girl Scouts is welcoming and inclusive to members of all faiths.

Girl Scouts Celebrate Faith Week
Each March, during the week of Girl Scouts’ birthday, faith partners join us to help girls celebrate the connections between their faith and Girl Scouts. Celebration days include Girl Scout Sunday, Girl Scout Jummah, Girl Scout Sabbath and Girl Scout Shabbat. It is a perfect opportunity for Girl Scouts to receive the Religious Recognition of their faith.
Sample Service Ideas (English PDF)
Ideas para servicios religiosos (Espanol PDF)

2022 Faith Week Dates:

  • Girl Scout Sunday: Sunday, March 6
  • Girl Scout Jummah: Friday, March 11
  • Girl Scout Sabbath/Shabbat: Friday, March 11 – Saturday, March 12
Girl Scouts Faith Patches - Faith, Sabbath, Sunday

There is a national Girl Scout recognition that girls may earn, as well as awards hosted by religious organizations/churches. Girls can also be involved in exploring their faith at events and activities that GSCCC may choose to schedule during the year. These are promoted in our GSCCC Magazine, as well as in our other print or online publications.

We provide updated program inserts and bulletins each year to help celebrate Faith Week. If you have questions or would be interested in a speaker or an exhibit for an event during that time, contact Marketing & Communications.




My Promise, My Faith

My Promise, My Faith Pins

The My Promise, My Faith pin invites Girl Scouts to experience a faith journey by exploring the connections between the Girl Scout Law and teachings from their faith. This pin can be earned each year. Requirements for this pin are included in The Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting for all levels.

See how an Indiana Troop discovers faith and sisterhood at Girl Scouts in this video.

Combining My Promise, My Faith with Bible Basics RP3

Bible Basics RP3 is a patch series from P.R.A.Y. to help participants grow stronger in their Christian faith (each patch focuses on three Bible stories). Combining My Promise, My Faith with the BBRP3 series provides a ready-made program for Christian Girl Scouts to earn both awards. Learn more at


Religious Recognitions

To Serve God brochure

Religious recognitions are created by national religious organizations/committees to encourage the spiritual growth of their youth members and reinforce many of the values integral to Girl Scouting. While My Promise, My Faith helps girls connect Girl Scouting with their faith, the religious recognitions programs help girls grow stronger in and learn more specifically about their faith.

Each religious organization/committee develops and administers its own program. The To Serve God brochure shows the religious recognitions that have been created by various faith groups. You can find this brochure, a video that explains the religious recognitions programs, and other resources for collaborating with the faith community at P.R.A.Y. Publishing.

Some religious organizations are not affiliated with P.R.A.Y. or may not have a national office; to learn about their religious recognitions, contact their local leaders.

Interested in working on religious awards at home? Check out this Facebook live video from P.R.A.Y. Publishing for information.