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Juliette Girl Scout - Individually Registered Member

Juliette Scouting

Individually Registered Members

Juliette Girl Scouts (also known as individually registered members) are registered girl members, in grades K-12, who are busy, independent, self-confident girls and young women who want to be a part of something larger—Girl Scouts! Meeting in troops is one way to be part of the Girl Scout experience, but when there aren’t available troops in the area, a troop no longer meets, or a girl becomes too busy with extracurricular activities or sports, becoming a Juliette will allow her to continue her Girl Scout experience on an individual basis.

As a Juliette, a girl won’t attend troop meetings; instead, she will work on Girl Scout programs with the guidance of a caregiver or another adult mentor. She would decide what activities to participate in and which earned recognitions/awards she wishes to complete. A Juliette may also attend service unit and council events.

Why Should She Become a Juliette?
There are many advantages to participating in Girl Scouts as a Juliette.

  • Gain leadership experience.
  • Have the opportunity to participate in all Girl Scout activities individually, so she can tailor her experience.
  • Create a well-rounded Girl Scout experience by utilizing the Volunteer Toolkit (VTK) to plan for her grade-level, on her own time.
  • Serve her community through individual community service projects and Take Action projects.

What Can a Juliette Do?
Juliette Girl Scouts can do anything Girl Scouts in a troop can do. Juliettes learn to Discover, Connect, and Take Action when they:

Complete Girl Scout Journeys + Badges
Girls can choose from three different Journey books at each program grade level. Journeys guide girls towards becoming a leader in their community. Juliettes can also earn badges, which include a variety of skill-building activities, many of which compliment the Journeys. (There are also dozens of fun patches you can earn!)

Attend Girl Scout Events + Activities
Juliettes can meet other girls in their area while completing Journeys, earning badges, or learning more about the outdoors at council-sponsored events. Service units also offer many events and service opportunities, which are great for Juliettes to meet other Girl Scouts in their area.

Help Others Through Community Service
Part of the Girl Scout Law is to “make the world a better place.” Juliettes can work on their own or with their Girl Scout community to carry out this Girl Scout tradition. Juliettes can also pass along what they’ve learned, gain leadership skills, and earn special mentoring awards by helping younger Girl Scouts at troop meetings, events, camp, and more.

Participate in the Girl Scout Cookie and Fall Product Programs
Juliettes can fund their Girl Scout activities while learning great business skills including goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics. Learn more about Cookies and Snacks + Magazines.

Earn Girl Scouting’s Highest Awards
The Gold, Silver, and Bronze Awards are the highest awards in Girl Scouting. Juliettes can earn these awards by leading a take-action project to improve their local community.

Travel with Girl Scout Destinations
Juliettes can experience leadership opportunities and cross-cultural understanding through regional, national, and international travel.

What Resources Are Available for Juliettes?

Volunteer Toolkit
The toolkit provides you with grade-based guides for all Girl Scout journeys and badges; review materials and create a well-rounded Girl Scout experience.

Volunteer Essentials
Mentors will use this comprehensive guide to learn about all Colonial Coast volunteer policies and procedures.

Online Trainings
We provide volunteers with convenient, online trainings to help them give girls the best experience possible.

Girl Scouts of Colonial Coast Council Events
Find all of GSCCC events and camps, so you can connect with other Girl Scouts.

What is a Juliette Girl Scout Mentor?

A Girl Scout Juliette Mentor is a parent or trusted adult who guides a Juliette through her experience. A Mentor should:

  • Register as an adult member of Girl Scouts.
  • Seek out and relay information and opportunities for their girl.
  • Help their girl plan her Girl Scout year using the Planning Guides on the VTK.
  • Connect with their service unit for additional opportunities for their girl.
  • Follow Volunteer Essentials and Safety Activity Checkpoints to keep their girl safe.
  • Connect with other volunteers in their service unit.

How to begin your adventure as a Juliette Scout or Mentor?

New Juliette Girl Scouts and their caregivers or adult mentors can sign up here! If you have any further questions, please contact us at

Want to become a Girl Scout? Join us!