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Red, Set, Daisy Launch!

Join Girl Scouts as a Daisy

Whether your girl is just getting ready to enter kindergarten or she’s already there, Girl Scouts can expand her world outside of school!

As a Girl Scout Daisy in kindergarten and first grade, she’ll unleash her imagination to try a wide variety of new and exciting things. She’ll make friends, grow in confidence, and build skills that will help her in school and beyond.

The best part? You’ll get to join the fun right alongside her and watch as she plays, learns, and grows with the help of other caring adult volunteers. It’s all waiting for her at Girl Scouts.

Are you ready to start her adventure?

Launch her into Girl Scouting today!


Register now for $35 and you're all set until 2021 - For just $35 you can register your girl for the remaining 2020 membership year (April 1-September 30, 2020) plus the 2021 membership year (October 1, 2020–September 30, 2021). That's more than a year of learning, growing, and exploring with Girl Scouts! Don't wait - this special offer is only available April 1-July 31st.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We get it, you want to have all the facts and to make sure that Girl Scouts is right for your girl. Explore our frequently asked questions below!

Who can join Girl Scouts?

Any girl K-12 can join Girl Scouts. Girls in Pre-K can join Girl Scouts starting April 1st of each year.

Our Daisy Launch program allows rising kindergarteners or first graders to start their Girl Scout Journey before the next membership year begins in the fall season. That means she can start earning badges, participating in events, and more.

How do I join Girl Scouts?

Our registration process only takes a few minutes and costs $35 during our extended membership period. Once that's complete, your girl is officially a Daisy Girl Scout!

Will my girl be placed in a troop?

Given the high demand for troops, girls are placed as space in existing troops becomes available or new troops are formed. Fortunately, your girl doesn't have to wait to join a troop to engage in Girl Scout activities.

Does my girl have to be in a troop?

No, there are many other ways that your girl can participate in Girl Scouts.

Many individually registered members - AKA "Juliettes" - and their families enjoy the benefit of flexibility outside of the troop experience. We even have activities that can be completed at home! Learn more about participating as an individually registered member.

How can I start a Girl Scout Daisy Troop?

As a troop leader for kindergarten and first grade Girl Scouts, you’ll expand their worlds through exciting adventures and skill building that will set them up for success in school and beyond. You’ll guide them, cheer them on, and support them as they unleash their imaginations to play, learn, and grow in big ways, life-changing ways.

To get started, register as an adult member and contact Customer Care to let them know you're interested in being a Daisy troop leader. They'll walk you through the process and get you setup with training if you're approved.

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Have more questions? No worries. Our recruitment team would love to take a few minutes to talk with you about launching your girl into Girl Scouts this year!