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Thank You For Volunteering

Thank you for volunteering to become a troop leader! You have become a Girl Scout volunteer – someone who will foster a community of discovery and support for girls. Because of you, girls will come together and share stories and experiences and make new friends that last a lifetime.

You will become part of our organization’s role models. By offering girls new ways to see the world and opportunities to get involved in the community, you will be teaching girls the importance of helping others and giving back. We know you’re excited and ready to make an impact on girls’ lives. The connections you will make with girls and other volunteers will find a special place in your heart. You will be part of a special community that revolves around the Girl Scout Promise and Law. And while it is always a challenge to balance a busy schedule, we know you’ll agree that it is well worth it when you see girls succeed!

To get you started you’ll find information here just for you – a new volunteer! This will help navigate your path and is a step by step guide to completing all the requirements necessary to begin meeting with girls. You may want to bookmark this page and refer back to it as needed.

While you may have completed some of these steps already, we’ve still outlined all of them so you don’t miss any item that may help you on your way. You can access a PDF version of the New Troop Volunteer Checklist here. Also, please check out the Leader Playbook, a valuable tool for troop leaders.

Let’s get started!

1.    Review your volunteer position description.

2.    Submit a volunteer agreement

3.    Subscribe to Volunteer Connection so you will receive important information and announcements on a weekly basis.

4.    Complete initial online training in this order:

    a.    Girl Scouting 101

    b.    Welcome to Colonial Coast

5.    Meet your service unit Volunteer Coordinator. If you don’t know who that is, fill out this short questionnaire and we will forward your information to the appropriate service unit.

6.    Time to get started! Obtain permission to meet at a location of your choosing. Churches, schools and community buildings are great options. Submit this information here so we can place registered girls and adults in your troop.

Next Steps

At this point, you can now plan your parent/caregiver meeting and start meeting with girls! These are additional classes you must complete within the first 60 days of volunteering or before you take girls away from their meeting place for a trip or activity:

1.    Risk Management

2.    Out and About

3.    Girl Scout Program Basics, Parts I and II

If you need additional help or information, contact