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A Place For Girls Fund

A Place for Girls Fund

The doors at A Place for Girls opened on May 5, 1996, after many years of fundraising. In the capital campaign material, the dream of a place just for girls was described for donors to envision.

The description included this statement, “Amid the problems and the pressures, Girl Scouting offers fun, friendship, and learning, and extends a firm, secure, and caring hand to girls of all ages, and from diverse racial, ethnic and religious, and socio-economic backgrounds. Girl Scouting sees the promise in every girl, values the child she is and the woman she will become, and knows that a successful life begins in her early years.”

Girls described what they wanted from Girl Scouts and from an exclusive place of their own – “Boys leave, girls stay! We need to get away.” -“Girls need a place to talk about girl things.” - We’ll get to do neat activities such as overnights and helping in the community.”

A Place for Girls, the Council’s program center and headquarters, became a reality for girls because of you, our volunteers, donors and supporters who believe that every girl deserves a chance to be her best and have opportunities to build leadership skills.  For twenty-five years, A Place for Girls has offered girls amazing opportunities to explore new things and get a glimpse of their future. From adventures in STEM and entrepreneurship to the arts and outdoors, there have been activities and programs to meet every girl’s interest. With the help of alum and community friends who have offered their expertise and talents to lead workshops and programs, and the donors who have funded programs and property development to enhance program delivery, we have been able to provide the very best to our girls!

While this year is a year to celebrate the successes that have taken place at A Place for Girls and recall great memories, it is also a year we’re faced with recovering from property damage caused by indoor flooding at the center. Along with insurance assistance, we are using donations to help repair damages and are taking this opportunity to enhance parts of the building. Starting on May 5, 2021, we’ll be posing videos and articles to update you on a new campaign to raise funds for A Place for Girls – funds that will help us continue to be the best place for girls to build courage, confidence and character! A place just for girls who can be who they want to be!

Please visit our special A Place for Girls Anniversary campaign page to view special videos, see photos and enter a raffle!