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Camp Burke's Mill Pond


Located in Gloucester, VA, Camp Burke's Mill Pond is the place to go for adventure. The camp features eleven tent sites, a pond for canoeing, a nature trail, a pool, and a lodge (the Treakle Cabin) for indoor activities and camping. Camp Burke's Mill Pond also doubles as one of the few historical mills in the Gloucester area.


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Rental Information

Unfortunately, camp properties are not open at this time until further notice due to circumstances created by COVID-19. Enjoy this virtual tour until we can all gather again at Camp Burke's Mill Pond!

Please contact on any facility or property rental inquiries.

  • camp-bmp_boathouse
    Burke’s Mill Pond Boathouse
  • camp-bmp_dock
    Burke’s Mill Pond Dock
  • camp-bmp_treakle-cabin
    Treakle Cabin
  • camp-bmp_hootnanny-shelter
    Covered Shelter