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Girl Scouts participate in civic engagement activities

Girl Scouts change the world through civic engagement

When you're a Girl Scout you do great things. You believe in taking action and in righting the wrongs you see. You believe we are more powerful together than we are apart.

And you make your voice heard—with bold moves like advocating for positive change in your community, standing up against everyday injustices, mobilizing others to donate or volunteer for causes, meeting with public officials and community leaders to educate them about important issues, and lots more. 

Every girl has a voice. Every girl’s voice is important.

Please note

Note: Individual members may not take action on legislation or participate in any political activity that supports or opposes a candidate for public office, in their capacities as Girl Scouts. Such activities as conducting a flag ceremony at a political rally or appearing in an advertisement for a political candidate—where the person is clearly being identified as a Girl Scout—are prohibited.

Download the Legislative Workbook

Unleash Your Girl Scout Voice - Legislative Workbook (PDF)

This guide is designed to help Girl Scouts (Cadettes, Seniors, Ambassadors) learn about government, the legislative process, and to become stronger advocates for themselves and others. It is also a resource to help prepare for visits during Girl Scout Legislative Days or visits to public policy officials.

Civic Action for Girls from GSUSA

We are girls of courage, confidence, and character who make the world a better place. And that “make the world a better place” part? That’s about civic involvement, and it gets at the very heart of what it means to be a Girl Scout.

Girl Scouts use their determination to lead every day in the fight for a clean environment, racial and gender equality, safety issues, local concerns, and so much more.

Get inspired, get prepared, and get mobilized at today!

Celebrating Women's Equality Day

Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast partnered with WHRO TV-15 to host a free virtual watch party on August 26, 2020 – the national observance of Women’s Equality Day! Guests watched a 30-minute segment from the documentary, The Vote, which tells the story of the largest parade in the nation at that time organized by suffragists. This parade changed the course of the movement to win women the right to vote.

Badges & Patches for Girls

Families can shop civic badges and patches at our local shops or purchase online at the Girl Scout Shop.

Civics badges offered by GSUSA
(grades K–12)

Girl Scouts use their determination to lead every day in the fight for a clean environment, racial and gender equality, safety issues, local concerns, and so much more. With our Democracy badges, Girl Scouts from Daisies to Ambassadors will be prepared to lead positive change in their school, town, state, and country!

Civics patches offered by GSCCC
(grades K–12)
Patches are a fun way for girls to explore their interests and have fun! At Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast, we have a number of civil engagement patch programs open for any Girl Scout to complete. 

Explore Virginia Women's History
Explore Virginia Women's Suffrage
Explore North Carolina's Women's Suffrage

Find more ways to discover, connect, and take action with other patches available at our council.

Uniform Basics for Advocacy Visits

To prepare Girl Scouts for their visits with public officials, such as our annual Legislative Day events, check out this short video with tips to help them look their best!

Raising Girls articles for families

Taking civic action is all about working to make a difference for the common good. For more than 100 years, Girl Scouts has supported girls by offering resources that prepare them to lead, lift their voices, champion their views, and be advocates for the issues and ideas important to them. And it's worked! That's how we know that when it comes to improving society, every person—even the youngest girls among us—can make a difference. Read on to see how you can support and encourage your daughter as she takes on the world and makes it a better place. Find more civic engagement articles at today.

The Most Important Thing She Might Not Be Learning in School? Civics.

Many American adults can’t correctly identify foundational aspects of our system of government, and when it comes to civics education for kids, parents may be surprised to learn that the classroom alone is unlikely to close the gap in understanding.

Should You Bring Your Kid With You to Vote?

Showing up to the polls on Election Day-whether you're voting for the next President of the United States or for your local city council person-is obviously incredibly important, and something you can (and should!) share with your girl.