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Camp Darden

Camp Darden is located a few minutes away from Franklin, Virginia. The city offers great local shopping, as well as major retailers, and a brush up on history.

At 105 acres and with a sleeping space for 241, Camp Darden is a great destination for single troops or larger groups. Modern and rustic facilities include:

Dining hall

Platform tents

Screened shelters

Outdoor Climbing Wall


Low Ropes Course

U-pitch tent area



Screened Adirondacks

  • camp-darden_cabins
    Four cabins
  • camp-darden_platform-tents
    15 Platform tents
  • camp-darden_pool
    Swimming pool
  • camp-darden_yurt
  • camp-darden_lodges
    Five lodges
  • camp-darden_dining-hall
    Dining hall
  • camp-darden_shelters
    Three screened shelters

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