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What Girl Sprouts Do

Our Girl Sprout program is for four-year-old, pre-kindergarten girls who will be entering kindergarten the following fall.

As a Girl Sprout, your girl will learn about honesty, sharing, being helpful, how to be kind to her friends, and most importantly, to have fun! She’ll be introduced to Girl Scouts and be ready to become a Girl Scout Daisy when she enters kindergarten! Girls may register for membership in Girl Scouts the spring/summer prior to starting kindergarten. 

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As a Girl Sprout she might:

Want to take the Girl Scout journey with her? Sign up to lead a troop!

Questions? Email or call (757) 547-4405.

Earning the first patch

Earn a Free Girl Sprout patch and be presented the patch at a summer bridging ceremony. She just needs to complete these five activities – Girl Scout skill-building areas – and come to the bridging event! You’ll receive an invitation from our team here at Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast. 

1. Being helpful is really fun. Make your bed, pick up your toys and celebrate a job well done! 

2. Considerate and caring is what we do. Hold open a door and say “please and thank you.” 

3. Be honest and fair. Play a game with a friend. Be sure to be kind and play fair. 

4. Make the world a better place. Draw a picture for your teacher and put a smile on their face! 

5. Be a sister to every Girl Scout. Invite a friend to sing and dance. Having fun is what it is all about!