Booth Sales


A booth sale is where your troop sells at a designated location within the service unit or other locations with appropriate approval. These will bring the Girl Scout cookies to customers who could not be reached at home during door-to-door sales. Encourage your girls to participate in at least one booth sale to earn the Booth Sale Patch. Girls orders must be paid in full to receive their Booth Sale Patch.


 Booth Sales Start February 22, 2015

Bling Your Booth Contest

Cookie Booth FAQs

Build a Better Booth Sale

People needed

2 adults and 2 - 4 girls

Forms needed

Booth Confirmation Form

Certificate of Insurance (not all places require this) and/or Hold Harmless Agreement (not all places require this). If the booth locations you requested require the Certificate of Insurance and/or Hold Harmless Agreement, the SU booth coordinator must call (757) 547-4405, Ext. 1265 at least two weeks before the scheduled booth sale.

Equipment needed

Card table

Chairs (2)

Money box with starter change

Cookie booth display


How to get cookies

Make an appointment to get cookies from a cupboard. Bring your cupboard authorization card.

Have a runner on call to pick up more cookies from a cupboard, if needed.