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Activity Registration for Individual Girl

Activity Registration for Troop New

Add-a-Member Form Spring 2016 New

Adult Award Nomination Form - Community Award New

Adult Award Nomination Form - Years of Service (20+) New

Adult Award Nomination Packet - Letter of Endorsement New

Adult Award Nomination Packet - Honor Pin, Appreciation Pin New

Adult Award Nomination Packet - Thanks Badge, Thanks Badge II New

Adult Award Nomination Packet - Volunteer of Excellence New

Adult Member Registration 2015–2016

Adult Member Registration – Spanish 2015–2016

Adventure Challenge Education Form 12/04/15

All Star Troop Patch Report New

Application for Volunteer Service in Girl Scouting (PDF version)

Attendance Record

Authorization to Qualify as First Aider New


Banking Account Information New

Buck Harris Award Nomination Form New


Campsite Check-Out Form New

Certificate of Insurance FAQs New

Certificate of Insurance Request New

Certificate of Insurance - Vendors Updated 02/01/16

Church Bulletin Cover

Church Bulletin Insert

Classes by Request Form (Adult Learning) New

Code of Conduct New

Confidentiality/Conduct Statement

Cookie Forms Updated 11/20/15

Copy/Print Discount Card New

Council Site Reservation Form

Criminal Background Check Authorization and Release New

Criminal Background Checks - CFPB Summary of Rights New


Detailed Cash Record of Service Unit/Community & Annual Report of the Service Unit/Community Treasurer

Detailed Cash Record of Troop/Group & Annual Report of the Troop/Group Treasurer

Donation Letter Example for In-Kind Gift

Driver for Girl Scout Activity Application


Emergency Procedures Card

Employment Application


Facility Fees

Financial Report - Service Unit/Community

Financial Report - Troop/Group Updated 01/21/16

First Aid Treatment Record New


Girl Advisory Board Application

Girl Board Member Application New

Girl Member Registration 2015–2016

Girl Member Registration – Spanish 2015–2016

Girl Membership Financial Assistance Application New

Girl's Record New

Girl Scout Service Unit Delegate Election Form New

Gold Award Adult Guide

Gold Award Budget New

Gold Award Final Report Form New

Gold Award Guidelines

Gold Award Information and FAQ New

Gold Award Project Proposal Form New

Gold Award Proposal Checklist New

Girl Awards Time Log New

Gold Award Time Log New


Health History - Adult New

Health History - Girl New


Incident/Accident Report New

Insurance - Basic Coverage Brochure

Insurance - Claim Form

Insurance - How to File A Claim

Insurance - Summary of Girl Scout Insurance Plans New

Insurance Order Form for Girl Scout Activities New

Intent to Plan a National/International Trip Updated 11/16/15

International Travel Permission for Minors New

IRG Request for Funds New

IRS Form 990 for 2015 Updated 02/05/16





Membership Registration Dues Summary 2015–2016

Membership Registration Dues Summary – Spanish 2015–2016

Money Earning Guidelines New


National/International Trip Approval Form New

National/International Trip Packet Updated 11/16/15

National/International Trip Report New

National/International Trip Troop Evaluation New


ODAT Challenge Risk Waiver Form12/04/15

Online Registration (eBiz) FAQ New

Opportunity Fund Application - Girl New


Parent Permission for Girl Scout Activities New

Parent Permission for Trip/Camp Activity New

Planned Giving Brochure

Pre-Registration Guidelines for Service Unit Registration Coordinators 2015–2016

President's Award

Publication Consent form for Children and Adults


Quick Guide to Membership Registration Basics and eBiz My Troop Tab for Troop/Group Leaders 2015–2016

Quick Guide to Pre-Registering online for Parents/Guardians and their Girl Scouts 2015–2016



Sensitive Issues Program Activities - Parent Permission

Service Unit Event Report New

Service Unit Roster and Resource Sheet New

Silver Award Adult Guide

Silver Award Final Report Form

Silver Award Guidelines

Silver Award Information and FAQ New

Silver Award Proposal Form

Social Media Guidelines

Sponsorship Agreement Form

Step Outside Friend Invitation New


Trip Approval Form New

Trip Participant Agreement New

Troop/Group Dues Record New

Troop/Group Information Form Coming Soon

Troop Volunteer Checklist Resources New



Virginia Retail Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exemption

Volunteer Agreement New

Volunteer Class Attendance New

Volunteer Confidentiality/Statement

Volunteer Class Attendance Service Unit Orientation

Volunteer Course Evaluation New

Volunteer Course Facilitator's Report New

Volunteer Information Update Form New